Kezzmythaen, God of Adventure


The characters awoke to find themselves transported to a different Realm. Belel fealt a lack of comunion with Bale when he attempted to pray: which led him to sacrifice the nearest passerby. The unlucky subject was a male Tiefling Warlock, several Tiefling Warlocks jumped in but couldnt hit Belel so subsequently fled.

The party (Belel and Krulass) eventually found themselves in the Kezzmythaen’s Throne Room. Kezzmythaen introduced himself as the God of Adventure, Treasure and Greed; then offered a challenge for those in attendance. The first party of five to complete his Labyrinth and acquire the Tome of Kezzmythaen, would receive a wish for each member of the party. The wish would have contingencies that would allow the member to convert their wishes to unlimited wishes.

The party was joined by Neela the DragonBorn Warlord, Elliah the Tiefling Warlock, and Stix the Half-Elf Rogue during the feast hall meet and greet. Afterwards the party of five retired early to their rooms, then subsequently left the rooms early to enter the Labyrinth as soon as possible.



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